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Q: How do I register for a training workshop?

A: To register for one of our advertised training workshops, please contact the Training Department by telephone or email.

Q: Are there any prerequisites for your training workshops?

A: In general, no. If a workshop has a prerequisite, or specific background requirements, this information will be clearly indicated in its description. If you have any questions regarding a specific workshop, please contact us by telephone or email.

Q: What should I bring to my workshop?

A: Please come prepared with pencils, pens, paper, and of course an open mind.

Q: Is lunch provided at daylong workshops?

A: While we provide refreshments for workshop participants, lunch is not provided unless otherwise arranged by your company.

Q: Can your corporate training workshops be customized?

A: Yes. All Living Miracles workshops can be customized to incorporate special requests based on your corporate needs.

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